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NCCER Core Certification

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NCCER Core Certification Program

This 5 week – 80 clock hour course, provides individuals with an overview to various fields of basic safety, introduction to construction math, hand tools, power tools, construction drawings, basic rigging, basic communication skills, basic employability skill and material handling. Students will develop knowledge of the skills related to the Core curriculum and how it applies to work in the industrial trades. This course supports the integration of academic knowledge and technical skills. Students will learn, apply and transfer knowledge to various employment settings at an industrial site while integrating problem-solving skills. Knowledge about career opportunities, requirements and expectations plus the development of workplace skills will prepare the students for future success. Students completing the individual modules will be placed on the national registry and receive an NCCER Core Curriculum Certification. NCCER is the National Center for Construction Education and Research who is the accrediting training sponsor and issues credentialing in the individual construction industry-based modules.

Upon successful completion of each module, their credentials are entered into the NCCER National Registry System. These credentials are lifetime credentials that will follow the craftsman throughout his lifetime. The national registry deems the graduate “NCCER Core Certified”. Job opportunities for our graduates exist in residential, commercial and industrial work settings.

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NCCER Core Certification students

at RGV College can learn the following beneficial career skills:
  • Basic Safety Practices
  • Basic Construction Practices in Different Areas
  • How to demonstrate knowledge of applicable safety regulations and work within construction industry

Our NCCER Core Certification program takes about 5 weeks to complete. Click Here for More Info.

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