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You Can Complete Your Pharmacy Technician Program In About 7 Months. To Become A Pharmacy Tech...


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The Pharmacy Technician Course offers candidates the opportunity to become introduced to and learn the fundamental skills needed to become a competent and knowledgable Pharmacy Technician in the Valley!  

Earn your degree in as little as 7 months.  Request more information about our Pharmacy Technician Degree Program by clicking the button below...


Our Pharmacy Technician Program...

will provide you with the following beneficial career skills...

  • Pharmaceutical Terminology
  • Drug Classifications
  • IV Techniques & Compounds
  • Pharmacy Math
  • Purchasing & Inventory Control
  • Purchasing & Inventory Control

Learn How To Become A Pharmacy Technician!

This course of instruction trains prospective students in competencies that enable the graduate to successfully pass the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination.

The Pharmacy Technician certification program will teach skills that include: (a) filling medications, (b) preparation of admixtures of I.V. and sterile compounding of solutions, (c) applying the administrative and technical aspects of administrating a pharmacy, (d) use of terminology and medical abbreviations as they relate to pharmacy, (e) applying dosage forms and routes of administration, (f) using pharmacy calculations, (g) applying pharmacy law, h) interpretation of medication orders, prescriptions and drug classifications. (i) dealing with purchasing and inventory control (j) applying computer technology and (k) identifying basic anatomic and physiologic systems as they relate to medication interactions. 

Earn Your Pharmacy Technician Degree In Just 7 Months!

Did You Know... According to the BLS, in 2015, the average medican Pharmacy Technician Salary was $30,410

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